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Trash can setting method Keep kitchen clean


To build a healthy kitchen requires not only good cooking habits but also a good hygiene habit. Kitchen garbage cans are an indispensable tool in the kitchen, but in the summer, rubbish is easily rancid and it is harmful to human health. How to set up trash cans is reasonable, and the disposal of raw rubbish?


       The location of trash cans is often overlooked in the kitchen design, and is usually placed randomly in the corner, even in the kitchen full of beautiful cabinets. Some cabinet designers have designed the bins inside the cabinets, but there are many shortcomings in actual use. The first is that it is easily forgotten, and raw rubbish is stored in the cabinet for a long time and is not ventilated, resulting in unpleasant smell. At the same time, it is necessary to frequently open the cabinet door during the operation to easily soil the cabinet and it is also very inconvenient to clean it.


       Solution: Set up some open space under the cabinet dedicated to the trash. In the future, with the modernization of garbage disposal (modern decoration renderings), the classification of garbage is imperative.


 Raw garbage disposal


        Many families feel headaches for the disposal of raw rubbish because they are most likely to stink.


        Solution: Japan's approach in this regard is worth learning from. In Japan, raw rubbish is first placed in a dedicated drain basket at the corner of the pool. Afterwards, the litter that has been drained is tied in an undamaged plastic bag and can be thrown into the bin along with other rubbish.


       Whether the hygiene in the kitchen is good or not is such a trivial matter. As long as each family, related designers, kitchen equipment and product manufacturers work together, we can certainly make our kitchen healthier.