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How to distinguish the quality of stainless steel trash


Steel-wood trash cans and steel trash cans have little difference in appearance. One is wood and the other is steel. As far as materials are concerned, this distinction is different. But aesthetically speaking, with the aesthetic difference, one cannot compare Who looks more beautiful.


       The two trash cans are structurally the same. They are made of steel structure, stable steel frame, hard texture, heavy weight, and good balance placed on the ground. Multi-clock design structure at the bottom of the garbage collection The structure of the center is very much the same, nothing more than a round or square shape, at the top, adding more clock design ah, the appearance of the entire trash can immediately different, so the structure design at the top will not be different, now there are many clocks on the market design Products are distributed across the city's large and small streets.


       The appearance of the steel wood trash can, in addition to the individual edges and corners of the steel structure, has a design with a steel structure capping at the top, and the rest is decorated with specially treated wood strips, a strip of live, or some patterns. Steel wood trash can The biggest advantage is that the wooden structure is more effective in the decorative effect, because the wood is better than the steel after all. The decoration is also more dynamic than the steel trash can. It can decorate the flower pot ah. Especially In areas such as parks or plazas, life-filled decorations are more appropriate.


       Steel trash cans are rigid and some designs are not lacking in tenderness. In urban streets, stations, docks and other places, these places need some standardized planning. The neat and hardened design is more in line with the aesthetics of the modern city. Steel garbage The barrels look almost like a metallic luster from the outside. These also provide better garbage disposal for polygons in the streets and other places. Garbage on the streets is always much more complex than rubbish on the Park Square and needs hardening. Trash cans to handle these bins.