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Stainless steel trash advantages and disadvantages


Stainless steel trash cans as upstarts in the trash can. From the day it was designed, the simple and elegant appearance has been favored by all parties. This type of trash can have a longer life and is not afraid of rainwater corrosion. Convenient. The waste disposal cost is low and it has advantages such as operation.


       As a new type of steel, stainless steel itself guarantees the advantages of iron, high hardness, easy forging, easy molding and other characteristics. Under the conditions of processing into stainless steel, some disadvantages of iron are removed, such as easy to rust, corrosion, etc. , is the extension of the service life of stainless steel.


       With the design of the door open, the sanitation worker directly opens the door when handling the garbage, and then puts out the garbage bag in the liner, which is very convenient, and also ensures the cleanliness of the trash can itself. The top has multiple designs, with a dome, There is a flat top, more ashtray design. Multiple top design can be used according to different occasions, such as where there is a lot of rain and where the smoker activities have different places.


       In the front and rear panels of the trash can, we can add billboards to save the operating department for the procurement department. To improve the effective utilization of resources. The manufacturer of the trash can provide more detailed product support list for the purchasing unit, and the market alone The unity of the products formed by the procurement is fundamentally different.


       Stainless steel uses differently formed stainless steel materials from the subject keel structure to the panel. The inner liner adopts a galvanized inner liner to make all kinds of anti-corrosion work best. Combined with a certain degree of later simple maintenance, the entire cleaning and maintenance work becomes quite simple. .


       As a manufacturer of trash cans, doing direct sales of rubbish bins is our job. It is the significance of our efforts to do related services.